Bonbon Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Fine chocolate bonbons are also simply called chocolates or pralines. They usually have soft centers and are offered as a special gift.

At Sibú Chocolate, all of our bonbons have been made fresh to order with great attention to detail. We take special care to source only premium and natural ingredients for our recipes—no preservatives, no chemicals. Each bonbon is handmade in European artisan tradition using organic Costa Rican cacao, and artfully decorated with native designs or nature-inspired motifs. Our bonbons are presented in elegant boxes in three sizes: 9-piece, 16-piece and 25-piece. All boxes include a flavor guide that describes the ingredients of these little chocolate gems in Spanish and English. (See flavors below)

cacao paper boxes

Cacao Paper boxes: 9- pieces and 16 pieces

Using the husks of the cacao beans and recycled paper, we handcraft gorgeous textured paper for our signature boxes, lined with parchment paper and trimmed in gold. These boxes contain beautifully arranged assorted bonbons (see flavors below) and are available in two sizes: 9-pieces and 16 pieces.


wood boxes

Reusable Wood boxes: 25-pieces

In addition to our cacao paper boxes, we also offer impressive 25-piece boxes made of wood with a clear hard top to show off the beauty of each bonbon



corporate gifts3

Corporate Gifts

Looking for a unique corporate gift or party favor? For large orders, you can also pre-arrange personalized boxes with one or four pieces, in addition to our larger boxes. For more information, call us at (506) 2268-1335 or email to


Bonbon Flavors


Chocolate emulsified with cream and infused with fresh ingredients for a soft and silky chocolate center, enrobed in dark or milk chocolate in French style



Sibú’s signature milk chocolate truffle with cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of chili pepper (red design)


Vanilla Bean

Milk chocolate infused with aromatic organic vanilla beans from Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast


Lime & Basil

Fragrant citrus mingles with fresh basil in a white chocolate truffle covered in dark chocolate



Reminiscent of café con leche, we use award winning coffee from small farms along the hills of San Isidro de Heredia


Honey & Lavender

Organic honey from Santo Domingo de Heredia and fresh lavender from our garden


Mint Tea

Black tea, white chocolate and peppermint, just enough to give a sweet mint kiss to the dark chocolate coating


Berry Delight

White tea, wild berries and milk chocolate tantalize the tastebuds, reminiscent of a cherry cordial



Lemongrass & Coriander

Dark chocolate gets a lift in flavor with these sweet, refreshing, medicinal herbs


Wild Orange

Our version of a classic dark chocolate truffle infused with the organic essence and fresh zest of orange



Caramelized sugar infused with butter and fresh ingredients for unique flavor combinations and a luscious texture. Caramels are piped by hand into a dark chocolate or milk chocolate shell in traditional Belgian style.


Ginger & Coconut Milk

Ginger root and coconut milk infused in a soft burnt-sugar caramel covered in rich dark chocolate



A perfect pairing of luscious dark chocolate and fine port wine in a single soft caramel


Orange liqueur

In a word, “luxurious,” as described by a good friend and willing taste-tester


Sea Salt

A touch of sea salt and natural vanilla bean add layers of depth to this childhood classic, covered in milk chocolate

Fruit Ganache

Fruit that is emulsified with white chocolate and piped by hand into dark chocolate or milk chocolate shell in traditional Belgian style



Fresh tart organic blackberries from a neighbor’s farm and our garden in white chocolate and covered in milk chocolate for a sweet treat to awaken your taste buds


Passion Fruit

Brilliantly colored and bold flavored tropical fruit in white chocolate and covered in dark chocolate will get your blood pumping


Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar

Costa Rican mountain strawberries ket a kick from Tuscan grapes for a perfect balance of sweet and tart.