Seasonal Chocolates




In Costa Rica, tamales are perhaps the most important and authentic of Christmas traditions. Making these corn flour and potato based treat with a touch of bell pepper, olives chick peas and prunes takes lots of time and usually entails the help of the whole family. Most families make enough to invite all their friends and neighbors over for coffee and tamales during the holiday season.

In celebration of the holidays, the Sibú Chocolate family also makes tamales. Only ours are made with a Christmas cookie center, enrobed in our organic chocolate and decorated with dried fruit and nuts, instead of olives and peppers. Sibú tamales are a treat not to be missed as they are only available for the holidays or for special order. Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day

In Italian tradition, send a message inside a chocolate heart.

Your partner will love you for it.

Our hearts are made to order.




How could we NOT make chocolate eggs or bunnies for Easter week or Semana Santa? Our handmade Easter eggs resemble quail eggs, filled with chocolate ganache.

Our bunnies are a childhood favorite, just made with less sugar and no added fats. Reserve your eggs and bunnies early as these are made to order the weeks leading up to Semana Santa.


candy bars

Gourmet Candy bars

Home-made vanilla bean marshmallow tops a chai milk chocolate ganache. Earl Grey tea-infused caramel sits on top of a crunchy buttery shortbread cookie. These chocolate bars are for kids at heart, all natural, handmade and even more decadent that the favorite candy bars of our childhood memories. Candy bars are available exclusively at Sibú Chocolate stores